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Persian Gulf: Planning with VESTRA  
In Saudi-Arabia, the coastal road system of Dammam needs drastic revision as its future King Abdulla Civic Center, a gigantic area of cultural and recreational facilities, requires to be connected to a 6-laned expressway. This road will be partly, but extensively reconstructed, the main connection being provided by a roundabout of 120 m in diameter. The whole project is planned by biechele infra consult – Consulting Engineers, in terms of VESTRA.

Working with VESTRA
"Again, VESTRA has proved himself the appropriate tool - also, when it came to types of junctions not being widespread standard in Germany so far. Our project covers two large 3-laned roundabouts up to 120 m in diameter which have 3-laned approaches and exits as well. Moreover, a special 3-laned oval of about 200 m in length was designed by VESTRA. In order to cope with demands of that extent one must dispose of a helper as efficient as VESTRA. Its variability enabled us to perform perfectly, precisely, and promptly."
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Markus Biechele, CEO biechele infra consult - Consulting Engineers

Acknowledgement : Pictures were used with kind approval of biechele infra consult - Consulting Engineers

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