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Digital elevation model for Maisprach (Switzerland)
In the course of updating Maisprach land survey, a digital elevation model for a construction area had to be developed. To that end, by field activity, GPS findings and tachymeter records had been combined and the results were imported into GeoMedia Professional. Through GeosPro, the official data were imported into an Interlis model, and the data were checked for consistency. Moreover, the break lines, particularly along the road lines, were registered for subsequent DTM calculation.

Working with VESTRA:
From the level points and the break lines, a triangulation for the construction area was calculated by means of VESTRA GIS DTM GeoMedia. Owing to automatic error analysis by VESTRA DTM, it was easy to localize and adjust inconsistencies such as cuts or points of break lines without level marks, which can hardly be avoided in case of projects that large. Finally, contour lines at an equal distance of 2 m (6 feet and a half) were calculated from the model. The 10 meter (about 33 feet) lines were issued as well and labeled automatically.

Acknowledgement: Picture is used with kind approval of Geoprat AG, Switzerland.

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