Erbil: Contour Lines
Digital Terrain Model
Sewer System

On the way in North Iraq, all the way with VESTRA
By estimate of UNHCR (The Refugee Agency), about seventy percent of the Iraqi people do not have access to proper water supplies, eighty percent must live without adequate sanitary facilities. These problems also apply to the township of Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan, where there is urgent need for a new waste water system. The engineering office Vössing GmbH was charged with planning a water net according to European standard.

Working with VESTRA:
"On the whole, a sewer system was planned with total length of more than 7500 miles. Digital Terrain Models from VESTRA were the basis for the geometry of the pipe lines and their hydraulic features. Even extensive funds of data were no problem for the AKG system. "
(Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Jurkowski, engineering office Vössing GmbH)

Acknowledgement: Pictures were used with kind approval of engineering office Vössing GmbH. 


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