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Visualization: Leaflet
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3D-Visualization in Libya: Tripoli Airport Road
In Tripoli, there will be a new connection from the airport right to downtown. Plans are for a splendid Tripoli Airport Road of more than 15 miles. The large project is being realized by STRABAG International. Plotting was visualized by GmbH in close cooperation with the engineering office Janke and Partner, on the grounds of data provided by VESTRA. At estimate, V-KON has visualized more than 500 miles already.

Working with VESTRA:
"With all kinds of projects on infrastructure, V-KON makes VESTRA preliminary to all systems of construction. VESTRA essentially contributes to optimal quality in visualization."
(Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Krebs, CEO GmbH)

STRABAG International


Acknowledgement: Pictures were used with kind approval of GmbH and Janke & Partner.


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