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"Service Lanes"

3D-Visualization in Libya: Tripoli Airport Road
In Tripoli, there will be a new connection from the airport right to downtown. Plans are for a splendid Tripoli Airport Road of more than 15 miles. The large project is being realized by STRABAG International. Plotting was visualized by V-KON.media GmbH in close cooperation with the engineering office Janke and Partner, on the grounds of data provided by VESTRA. At estimate, V-KON has visualized more than 500 miles already.

Working with VESTRA:
"With all kinds of projects on infrastructure, V-KON makes VESTRA preliminary to all systems of construction. VESTRA essentially contributes to optimal quality in visualization."
(Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Krebs, CEO V-KON.media GmbH)

STRABAG International


Acknowledgement: Pictures were used with kind approval of V-KON.media GmbH and Janke & Partner.



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