VESTRA CIVIL is the Roadway and Railway Design Plug-in for Autodesk Civil 3D. Wizard interfaces help you to accomplish complex design tasks such as junctions, intersections, roundabouts, and turnarounds/Cul-de-Sacs. For alignment design,  VESTRA CIVIL supplies a complete set of tools for handling all design situations and accomplishing the most complex planning assignments. Take advantage of VESTRA CIVIL and increase your productivity by moving faster from concept to completion.


  • Automatic construction of intersections, roundabouts, and turning facilities
  • Vehicle swept path analysis
  • Cross sections can be easily produced by using elements with just a few mouse clicks – elements can be chosen from extensive built-in libraries, user-defined elements can be added
  • All design elements are stored in DWG files 
  • Design changes are updated automatically through dynamically linked alignments

According to VESTRA's key concept of corresponding elements, the related objects and associated facilities of an alignment or an alignment set are updated automatically if one of the alignments is changed. This dynamic engineering model makes changes faster and easier. For example, if you change the roundabout's inscribed circle diameter, VESTRA CIVIL automatically updates all edge of pavement lines. Changes are not just visual representations. They are integrated directly into the core data of your project. Take advantage of VESTRA and increase your productivity by moving faster from concept to completion.

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